How to Choose Cat Blogs to Follow

No matter what they say, blogs are here to say. And if you're a cat lover, cat blogs should make perfect sense for you. There are many things you can learn from cat blogs, especially if it's your first time to have a pet cat. Think taking care of a feline is too complicated? Not really, but it's not so simple either that you don't even have to read up about it. Of course, as a responsible first-time cat owner, you have to know how you can care for your cat the right way.

If you're looking out for some good cat blogs to follow and learn from, here's how to spot one:


A cat blog can be new, have few comments from readers and still be good. But there's no denying that cat blogs with an established following have more credibility - at least, as far as most people on the Internet are concerned. If you see a lot of people exchanging thoughts about the blogger's posts in the comments section, that means the blog is quite popular. And if it's popular, it's usually worth following. Check out to know more. 


Cat blogs are unlike political or personal blogs where the blogger's own opinions and perspectives are the main feature. Of course, a cat blogger can still add a few of his thoughts here and there, but truly informative blogs are those that present facts which help cat lovers in their journey with their beloved pets. For example, they will present information about the nutritional needs of different breeds of cats. They may even cite their sources, such as the American Veterinarian's Association.

Regularity and Up-to-date Content

One of the best things about the best blogs is that they are updated on a regular basis. That means if you're following them, you are sure to get something new from them from time to time. Something new is good because it gives you fresh learning and helps you grow as a cat owner. For example, automatic cat feeders have been around a while and offer many benefit, but relatively few people - new cat owners included - know about them. When you follow a good cat blog, you will stay current with anything and everything that can help you take care of your pet better. 

High-quality Content

Finally, always check for writing quality. You don't need a cat blogger who writes like John Greene or any popular novelist, but at least, the blog should have decently written content. By decently written, we mean grammatical and free of spelling errors. If you find a blog that reads poorly or crawls with misspellings and ungrammatical sentences, the blogger obviously didn't care enough to correct his mistakes. In that case, what makes you think he'll care enough to check the veracity of his information? We all know how damaging misinformation can be, and that is why you have to choose the cat blogs you follow as a cat owner. Go here to learn more about cats

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