Important Facts You Need to Know about Cats

Most people love to keep cats as their pets. It is a great addition to buy a kitten in your home. It feels good to see them play like kids and enjoying life. They have a great attitude and sass like no other animal. Cats are in various varieties like any other creatures too. You get to know more about the character of the pet when you get one. There are various facts about cats that you may not be knowing which are fascinating about the elegant creature. Discussed below are the essential facts about the cat that you need to understand.

Most cats actually like water
It is evident that most cats love cleanliness, and that is the best thing about them. Most of them have been reported to like swimming wading in pools of it. There are a few other breeds that like water. Visit to know more. 

Cats are manipulative when they want it
Cats will never beat about their bush whenever they want something to put in their mouths. They will rub on you, paw at you and there are those which will even meow at you at the top of their lungs. You may think or feel this as something of distress to you but they are doing so to alert you that they need something to eat. 

Cats dream just like human being
When the cat has relaxed and gotten into the deep sleep like people, their little mind produce the same brain wave patterns as people do to send them into a dreamland.

Just like dogs, cats can get unwell by eating chocolate
Cats too like dogs can get ill by eating chocolates. They are carnivorous in nature and do not have a taste for the sweet stuff. Be certain that your kittens don't find the chocolate.

They are capable of tolerating heat a lot despite their fur
Cats can tolerate high temperatures well and pant to cool themselves. They can also sweat through the pads on the bottom of their feet.

Cats are farsighted
Because they have large eyes, cats cannot be able to focus on things that are very close to them. But the good thing about them is that they can use fuzz to sense things that they cannot see clearly.

Cats love to sleep
Do not nickname it a napping cat. It is actually natural for your feline to spend most of their time napping.

They do not have collar bones
This gives them a chance to enter any space so long as the head is can go through making them pass through places you thought not possible. Know more by checking out MeowTee

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